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Flat Fee Divorce

Divorce Mediation Los Angeles
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Flat Fee Divorce
Divorce Mediation Los Angeles
Shapiro Mediation LLC - Before the first session

Divorce mediation allows you to control the scales of justice. We can help you save time and money.

Before the first session

Divorce Mediation helps you better co-parent

Before the first session Read any information you can find on divorce mediation, the better you are informed about the process the more successful you will be. At your first session you will establish ground rule to be more productive. Given the nature of the situation emotions will flair and discussion will get heated. We will establish ground rules that will work for everyone for example what happens if the discussion becomes so heated one party wants to walk out. We will establish how we will collectively deal with the situation, before it happens. We understand the issue and the sensitivity everyone will be heard and everyone will be left feeling they made the best decision for their future.

Before you go to your first session with our mediator you should have the motivation to mediate, take self-responsibility, the willingness to disagree and the willingness to agree. Both parties should have a motivation to mediate this will save you time and money. Most importantly it will keep the decision making in your control and not in the control of the courts and attorneys. Self-responsibility is to understand your part in this process; we know it will be emotional and stressful but rewarding at the end. Come with an open mind. Each party needs to do what is necessary to understand your situation thoroughly. Their own priorities, their need to plan for the future and what is important to them. You each must be willing to stand up for yourself, and face whatever conflicts arise. This doesn't mean you can't enter divorce mediation unless you've had success in expressing or resolving your disagreements on your own. But it does mean you must be willing to form your own opinion and express it. Each party needs to have a willingness to disagree. The willingness to stand up for yourself requires a determination not only to express your point of view, but also to hold out against any decision that would impede you from moving ahead with your life. It is safer to disagree than to agree, particularly if one has doubts. Paradoxically, the ability to disagree opens up the possibility of agreement. Each party needs to have a willingness to agree. The willingness on both parties parts to work toward mutually acceptable decisions. On its face this may seem obvious, but in my experience it is the failure to meet this criterion that has derailed many a divorce mediation.

Shapiro Mediation is skilled in taking you through this process if you find yourself doubting this process please feel free to contact our office at any time with your concerns and someone will contact you to explain the process in a more detailed explanation.